Catholics like Us are Called: to bring our Christian Values where we work

March 22, 2015

Catholics like Us are Called: to bring our Christian Values where we work

Pope Francis said… “You are called to permeate Christian values in the environments in which you work with the witness and the word, meeting people in their concrete situations, so that they have full dignity and are reached by salvation in Christ.” If you do this, he stressed, like leaven, you can help live the Gospel through a witness of faith, hope and charity.

ACTION: make God the Center of Your Life to Shine through YOU to others

So many times, even in the Church, Pope Francis noted, we believe we are good Christians because we do social works and well-organized charity work. “Let Him, the Lord, occupy the center of your heart and of your work. And remaining firmly united to him as branches to the vine, you can go to the suburbs of the world,” our Pope stressed.

During this Lent, practices like Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving help us to “let God occupy the center of our hearts.” Prayer may include praying for those who are difficult for you to work with, … A “Fast of Words” is one of the Fasts described in Isaiah 58. Fasting could mean Fasting from all negative, complaining, critical, and judgmental, gossiping words, so often associated with the workplace. Almsgiving in the workplace could be the “Giving of Life-filled Words,” to uplift, com- pliment, praise, affirm, add humor, make peace, and acknowledge what’s good in your day-to-day workplace and colleagues. What a great way to build God’s Kingdom of peace and joy here on earth!

How will YOU live the Gospel through a witness of faith, hope and charity for the people in your workplace?

Donate FOOD &/or $$$ to our Food Drive during March – MN Food Share Month
Our Goal = 1500 lbs. of Food for VEAP – The Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign raises more than half the food distributed annually at 300 food shelves statewide. Our goal is to raise 115,000 lbs or dollars throughout the month of March. Help us achieve this goal and keep our shelves stocked.

A helpful flyer to take shopping with you or envelopes for your convenience can be found on the poster in the foyer or on the VEAP food bins.

When we consider applying to become a member of the Bloomington Human Rights Commission – to advise the City Council on human rights matters, and sponsor events and educational activities for the community, (call 952.563.8733 or ), we act on our value of protect- ing the dignity of each person.

When we consider Adopting the Yard of an Elderly resident to Mow the Lawn every 2 weeks or so and keep their yard clean, through H.O.M.E. (Household & Outside Maintenance for the Elderly) 952.767.7894 /, we are living the value of loving our neighbors.