Campamento 2016 Donations

Even if you can’t travel to the Dominican Republic, you can help by bringing Campamento donations before or after Masses to room 129 from June 25th through July 6th.

Donations will be organized on Packing Night (Wednesday, July 6th) by the women traveling to Teresa Toda, and will be transported to the camp. The following items have been requested by the Carmelite sisters:
* Bath towels
* Twin size waterproof mattress pads
* Underwear (kids’ size 6 or 8, 10, 12, S or M)
* Sleeveless undershirts (kids’ size 6 or 8, 10, 12, S or M)
* Girls’ white socks (for 6 to 18 years old)
* Backpacks appropriate for elementary through high school girls
* First aid medications and vitamins for children and adults (but no soft gel, liquid, or “gummy” form; it melts in the Caribbean heat)
* Advil or Ibuprofen
* Tylenol or Acetaminophen
* Aspirin
* Multivitamins
* Advil Sinus
* Claritin
* Over-the-counter oral antihistamine (Benadryl, others)
* First aid bandages, elastic wrap and bandage strips in assorted sizes; spray (Bactine) or lotion (Calamine, Campho-Phenique) antiseptic solution
*All white leather gym shoes; sign up for specific shoe sizes by using the Campamento Shoe Drive.

Learn more at the Teresa Toda blog at
Contact: Ann McGuire at or 952-914-9123