Money Counters

The money counters is a group of dedicated parishioners who count the parish’s treasure every weekend. They are divided into six teams who alternate weekends.

Building and Grounds Committee

Part of our stewardship responsibility includes taking care of the parish’s physical plant. Parishioners with backgrounds in contracting, architecture, electrical background, facility management and maintenance engineering volunteer their expertise and help us properly maintain the church building and grounds. This committee helps plan long-term capital improvements as well as assists in the request and review of proposals for major repairs. This group is always considering ways to ”Go Green.” If you are interested in being a part of this dynamic group, please contact Jerry Baumberger at 952-831-2516; or Ron Schmidt at 952-831-0880.

Lock-up Crew

A vital ministry and part of the Building and Grounds Committee, the Lock-up Crew is responsible for securing the building at night after all the programs of the day have been completed. This committee is made up of 14 teams with each team making a minimal time commitment. We always welcome new members. To get involved, contact Bill Bach at 952.843.3781.