Understanding the Gifts of the Sacraments

August 25, 2015 Originally posted August 25, 2013 I am regularly confronted with people who are lamenting the “decline” of the Catholic Church. These concerned individuals point to people they know who have either become lax in their faith or simply left the Catholic Church to join another Christian church. I believe a huge factor…

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Pope Inspires Hope Through His Actions

Pope Francis

August 15, 2013 Originally posted August 18, 2013 Gestures Louder Than Words Resisting the cape and fancy shoes Bowing his head to receive the people’s blessing Paying his own bill at the hotel after the Conclave Riding in the Cardinals’ van and not in a separate limo Living outside the Papal Apartments and eating in…

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New Orleans Mission Trip (NOLA) Day 7

August 2, 2013 The week of work has come to a close today but that doesn’t mean our time on this mission is over yet! Finishing the week we spent of these houses was an incredibly powerful time for us all because it meant that either the home owner would soon be moving in after…

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New Orleans Mission Trip (NOLA) Day 6

August 01, 2013 Almost reaching the finish line, last leg of the race, on the home stretch… or the 2nd to last day of working with The St. Bernard Project. Today the excitement was unbelievable when we all got back from our work sites. Everyone was ready with stories to share about how far along…

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New Orleans Mission Trip (NOLA) Day 5

July 31, 2013 Its Hump Day! Meaning we are just over half way through our trip. This adventure is never ceasing to amaze us all and continuities to teach us more about our faith, New Orleans, and our selves each day. Today was the second day at the work site and you definitely could tell…

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New Orleans Mission Trip (NOLA) Day 4

July 30, 2013 First Day of working with the Bernard Project is finally here! Although it feels like we have been here for a few weeks after the amount of New Orleans culture we soaked up yesterday. After an orientation at the organization’s main warehouse to learn more about their motto and mission for why…

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New Orleans Mission Trip (NOLA) Day 3

July 29, 2013 NEW ORLEANS! We finally are here, alive and living it up as stand out tourists today. The day started by attending a Jazz Brunch at The Court Of Two Sisters restaurant where there was everything and more to eat, from Jambalaya, Creole salads and bread pudding to your typical omelets and bacon!…

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New Orleans Mission Trip (NOLA) Day 2

new orleans mission trip st edwards high school ministry

July 28, 2013 Round 2 of full travel day! Today we departed from St.Charles, MO around 8:30am after a great complementary continental breakfast and lots of coffee (for the leaders)! Right before loading into the cars we discussed the day’s topic to plant a seed in their heads to grow and ponder on while finding…

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New Orleans Mission (NOLA) Trip Day 1

July 27, 2013 Day 1: Here we go!!! Our adventure has finally begun as we left St.Ed’s today for your first destination of St. Charles MO. Naturally Detloff’s car became the singing and dancing car where as Kenutis’s car had a nice napping vibe going on. After picking up Natalie in Ankley, Iowa we had…

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