Pastor’s Messages

New Beginnings

Originally posted September 8, 2013 This Sunday we celebrate our annual Feast of St. Edwards. A BIG THANK YOU to our Feast Committee and to everyone who contributed to this special day. This is a wonderful way for us to kick off our new church-programming year. As we ponder what this new beginning will be,…

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Why do I have to tell my sins to a Priest?


September 1, 2013 Here is Part II of Archbishop Nienstedt’s recent column on the Sacrament of Reconciliation. View last week’s post for Part I or go to for the full column. Summer blessings, Fr. Brian __________________________________________________________________________ Sacrament of Reconciliation: Why confess to a priest? (Part II) Why would forgiveness be the first thing Jesus willed…

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Understanding the Gifts of the Sacraments

August 25, 2015 Originally posted August 25, 2013 I am regularly confronted with people who are lamenting the “decline” of the Catholic Church. These concerned individuals point to people they know who have either become lax in their faith or simply left the Catholic Church to join another Christian church. I believe a huge factor…

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Pope Inspires Hope Through His Actions

Pope Francis

August 15, 2013 Originally posted August 18, 2013 Gestures Louder Than Words Resisting the cape and fancy shoes Bowing his head to receive the people’s blessing Paying his own bill at the hotel after the Conclave Riding in the Cardinals’ van and not in a separate limo Living outside the Papal Apartments and eating in…

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