50th Anniversary Celebration

Celebrate with Us!

Please mark Sunday, September 10, 2017 on your calendar!

Celebration Mass

10:00am Indoor Mass: Our 50th celebration will begin with Mass at 10:00am. Archbishop Hebda will return to our parish to preside at this Mass. What a blessing!
Note: There will be no Mass at 8:30am or 10:30am on September 10th.
Founding Members: Mass will be celebrated at 5:00pm on Saturday, September 9th. We plan to honor our founding members at the 5:00pm Mass.

From Father Brian

“I pray that we all will take time during these months leading up to our 50th to reflect upon the founding spirit of our church, as well as to recommit ourselves to continue the good work begun by our founding members. May God bless us in our efforts to build the kingdom here at the Church of St. Edward.”

Anniversary Prayer

An anniversary prayer is now available. We are grateful to our pastor, Fr. Brian, and liturgist, Mychael Jones, for writing such a meaningful prayer.

O Lord, unify our parish in Your truth and love during our fiftieth anniversary. Help us to show Your love to one another both within and outside our parish community. That with Your favor, each individual and every family may all be blessed and come into Your presence for everlasting happiness. May we continue to grow in Your wisdom with the help of St. Edward and our Blessed Mother. Through Christ, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life and who lives and reigns with You, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen


Our 50th Anniversary Task Force has been hard at work for months now. Their efforts are being combined with the Feast Committee with the goal to offer a celebration for everyone! All are welcome to our planning meetings. Next Up: April 25 at 7:00pm

Pictorial Directory

A wonderful way for everyone to participate in our celebration is to be part of our new pictorial directory. We want as many households as possible to be represented. Each photographed household will receive a complimentary 8×10 portrait and 2017 directory. Only photographed households will receive a pictorial directory and the last remaining available portrait dates are: May 30-June 3. No additional portraits will be taken after June 3rd. Learn More

Select an Onsite Portrait Date:

After Masses March 4 & 5
By calling the parish office at 952-835-7101, Tuesday to Thursday
Registering Online

Remote Portraits:

Parishioners traveling this winter and spring can even arrange a portrait day and time at another location. Contact Lifetouch at 1-800-521-4611 to identify other parishes around the country that are offering portrait sessions.

Mary’s Alcove

A new prayer alcove honoring our Blessed Virgin Mary will soon be constructed in the chapel. The alcove will take the place of the south confessional and will offer the opportunity for personal prayer without disturbing those in the chapel. In addition, our votive light stand will be moved into the new alcove. In keeping with our parish tradition of honoring previous pastors (the foyer was dedicated to Bishop Paul Dudley and the social hall was dedicated to Fr. Martin Shallbetter), “Mary’s Alcove” will be dedicated to our beloved Fr. Mike Tegeder. Construction should begin this spring/summer. The formal dedication will be done by Archbishop Hebda at our “50th Feast of St. Edward” on September 10, 2017.

Our History

As we gather historical information about our parish, we will share interesting facts leading up to our grand celebration. Read below and/or follow us on Facebook (where “Throw Back Thursdays” will feature historical information about our parish).

The Good Sisters: Saintly Women—Habit or Not

“A Catholic parish without nuns is spring without flowers” was a truism when our parish began; so in December, 1967, Fr. Dudley contacted the Sisters of St. Joseph and the following spring Sister Carol Dorff came from North Dakota to become our first nun. She lived at the Academy of Holy Angels. A total of five nuns from Holy Angels became her community and served on a voluntary basis. When Sister Carol left our parish in June, 1969, Fr. Dudley invited Sister Maureen Dudley, his second cousin, to become a full time staff member. Late in 1969 Sister Joanne Tromczak also accepted an invitation. The primary responsibility of our parish’s nuns was education. They conducted 14 children’s classes a week and were responsible for adult training programs, too. Once each month they held an instructive session for parents who were teaching CCD classes. Sister Julie DeLange became a member of the staff in August of 1975 and worked in adult education. Over the years, a number of dedicated sisters contributed so much to the development of our parish and we are grateful!


The Church of St. Edward has a long history of rich and varied music. Spanning 50 years, a variety of musical groups have been an integral part of our heritage, including our adult choir—which at one time boasted the voices of over 70 singers who sang from the middle of the church, under the location of today’s organ pipes. Other notable groups include our children’s choir and schola—choirs that still sing regularly at Masses today. Our bell choirs have at times rang out three octaves of hand bells and hand chimes. Many will remember the 5:00pm Masses featuring the “Grateful Ed” group, a predecessor to today’s “Praise Team” which is currently bringing us upbeat contemporary music Masses several times a year. We have been blessed with very fine musical instruments, too. Our original pipe organ was installed in 1980 at a time when many modern suburban parishes chose not to install organs at all. By 2010, the organ was enlarged to its current size—including our horizontal trumpets affectionately named “Cor de Jubilee” by Lonne Murphy, a name many know well and who served as liturgist at our parish for many years. A Kawai piano was donated in memory of former music director, Larry Gully, and served the church space for many years. This piano was moved to the Shallbetter Hall (our social hall) after we were blessed to acquire a new Mason & Hamlin BB grand piano in 2015. Our Music ministry has truly been a priority at our parish throughout our history and will remain so well into the future. We are grateful to all who have and do participate by offering their talents and love for music to our parish!

A Note from Fr. Brian

Consider a portion of the foreword from “It Was Almost Techla” chronicling our first ten years: “…no ordinary parish. Ask any of the parishioners why, and they…let you know that Saint Edward’s is different; different from any other parish they have ever known…maybe the reason is to be found in the heart and soul of the man who breathed life into the parish, Father Paul Dudley. The people believe that his profound love for God and humanity is the cornerstone on which he built the parish. Father Dudley lived a life of concern for the people and never thought of the parish of Saint Edward’s as the bricks and mortar that blended into a handsome edifice. The building was only a convenience to serve as a meeting place for the people to worship their God and openly express their love and concern for one another. From the day of its beginning, Saint Edward’s has been a parish where people come to be joyful and friendly as they celebrate the liturgy. It is a parish where families gather as a group to sing and pray and where they are happy together in the presence of the Lord.” Having served as a co-pastor with Bishop Paul Dudley back in 1995/1996 at the Church of St. Dominic in Northfield, I can personally attest to his love for the Church and for humanity. His spirit inspired countless people to embrace the faith, hope and love of Jesus Christ. Yes, we were blessed to have such a wonderful founding pastor.