1-8 Faith Formation Easter Family Evening

6:30 pm

April 23, 2014

Come one! Come all!

1-8 Faith Formation families are invited to join us at our Wednesday night session for a potluck dinner and Easter activity! This evening, part of our regular session schedule, is an opportunity to celebrate Christ’s glorious resurrection and the Easter season.

What to bring:
(If you have children in multiple grade levels, bring as indicated for your youngest child’s grade!)

1-2 Grade families: Salads and fruits of any kind! Homemade is great, store-bought is just fine, too! (Servings for 10 people)
3-4 Grade Families: Desserts of any kind! (Servings for 10 people)
5-6 Grade families: Snacks of all kinds! (Servings for 10 people)
7-8 Grade families: Hot dog buns (2 packs of buns per family should do it!)

We will provide hot dogs and beverages. We hope to see everybody there!

For questions about the event, please contact Judy Foster.