Adult Faith Formation Event — “The Women Around Jesus in the Gospels”

9:00 am

January 25, 2014

“The Women Around Jesus in the Gospels”
A Winter Full-Day Event with Art Zanonni

Saturday, January 25th
9:00 am – 4:00 pm

MarySisterMaryGraceOPIn addition to male followers and Mary the mother of Jesus, the Gospels present a variety of women who interacted regularly with Jesus. Considering that the Gospels were composed during a time of patriarchy, when men were considered the dominant gender of society, it is remarkable that on the whole, women are portrayed in a positive light in the Gospels. In all four Gospels, Jesus relates to women and vice versa, revealing that Jesus’ lifestyle and teachings were inclusive. Women, like men, are changed as a result of their encounter with Jesus.

This all-day event will look at the roles and functions of women in all four Gospels, emphasizing how the women’s relationships to Jesus provide a model for the practice of faith for every follower of Jesus. *Recommended: Bring Your Own Bible

Art Zannoni is an award-winning freelance writer, scripture scholar, teacher, theologian, workshopArt Zanonni leader and consultant in the area of biblical studies and Christian-Jewish relations. He taught on the faculty of the School of Divinity of the U. of St. Thomas from 1984-199, as well as in the Murray Institute. Art has a Masters degree in Theology from University of San Francisco, & a Doctorate in Biblical Studies from Marquette University. Art is an engaging speaker and master teacher, combining scholarship with humor and clear explanation.

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