Adult Morning Retreat

9:30 am

October 1, 2016

Life on the RIM

“Living into our Relationship, Identity and Mission in Christ”
As disciples, our life-long work is to be more completely united with God, and to do His will. But how can we know what He wills for each of us, completely and uniquely? Through baptism, we are called to relationship with God; and from this relationship, we receive our identity; in knowing who we are, we better understand our mission. Join us for a mini-retreat to ask the questions surrounding our relationship, identity and mission in Christ on Saturday, October 1st, from 9:30am (after First Saturday Mass) until 12:30pm in the social hall. Kenna Millea will facilitate this retreat for adults. She is a marriage and family therapy graduate student serving clients through St. Vincent de Paul in Plymouth. In addition she has a BA in art history and theology from Notre Dame and a MA in theology from Notre Dame.

There is no cost, but please pre-register by contacting the parish office at 952-835-7101.