Book Discussion

7:00 pm

April 25, 2017

Facilitator-led Discussion of Ideas

Discuss the book “As Close to Us as Breathing” by Elizabeth Poliner and then join the discussion on Tuesday, April 25, at 7:00pm.

Set in a small stretch of the Woodmont, Connecticut shoreline in 1948, sisters Ada, Vivie, and Bec assemble at their beloved family cottage, with children in tow and weekend-only husbands who arrive each Friday in time for the Sabbath meal. When a terrible accident occurs on the sisters’ watch, a summer of hope and self-discovery transforms into a lifetime of atonement and loss for members of this close-knit clan. Elizabeth Poliner is a masterful storyteller, a brilliant observer of human nature, and in “As Close to Us as Breathing” she has created an unforgettable meditation on grief, guilt, and the boundaries of identity and love.

Any adult who has read the book is invited to participate in the discussion. A facilitator keeps the conversation moving. This is not a book “club.”