Loaves & Fishes (St. Stephen’s Church)

5:00 pm

June 6, 2017

St. Edward’s Church is responsible for two Loaves & Fishes servings days and locations:
1. First Tuesdays: St. Stephen’s Church (2211 Clinton Ave South, Minneapolis)
2. Fourth Thursdays: Creekside Senior Center (9801 Penn Ave South, Bloomington)

Site coordinators purchase the food and have it delivered to the serving site. On serving days, there is a team of St. Edward’s volunteers who prepare the meal from 2:00-3:30pm and another team that serves the meal from 5:00-7:00pm. Some volunteers serve every month, some serve every other month, and some are on our sub list to call if we need them.

Get Involved
Please contact our site coordinators to volunteer your time.
1. St. Stephen’s Site: Email Les Koob at lpkoob@gmail.com or call 952-943-8519
2. Creekside Site: Call Jerry Ehlers at 651-459-6022 or Donna Stein at 952-888-7580

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