Sister Parish Mission Trip Kick-Off Meeting

7:00 pm

January 23, 2017

Travel to the Dominican Republic!

Join our 15th annual mission this year! Support a social justice organization—the Teresa Toda Home, a home for very poor girls in Azua, Dominican Republic—by participating in a summer camp this July. This mission trip is for women over age 18 and mother-daughter pairs for daughters over 14 years old. There are openings from July 1 through July 9 and July 8 through July 16 for travelers interested in sharing a spiritual experience with young women and girls from another country. The camp theme is “Women of Faith.” Travelers will study bible stories, play music, make crafts, perform skits, pray, exchange stories, share love, and spend time with the girls. The girls will learn English and build self-esteem. Each trip is deeply touching and spiritual. Special gifts that are needed include Spanish skills, crafting and beading talents, or any professional experience (especially healthcare, tourism, retail, science, government, education, and more). If you want to follow Pope Francis’ lead on social justice, charity, adventure, spiritual experience, fellowship, growth, and fun then answer the call to travel with us this summer or provide help from Minnesota. Attend our sister parish mission trip kick-off meeting on Monday, January 23, from 7:00-9:00pm in room 121 to hear an overview and answer questions. Please contact Ann McGuire at 952-239-3488 or to RSVP to the meeting.

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