Theology III Seminarian, Joseph Zabinski, to speak at Knights of Columbus

8:00 pm

February 26, 2015

Our Lecturers Program on Thursday, February 26, 2015 at 8:00 pm will be Theology III Seminarian Joseph Zabinski. Seminarian Zabinski is from St. Charles Borromeo in St. Anthony. He entered the seminary back in 2005 and took 2 years off from 2011-2013, which makes this his 8th year of seminary formation! What has inspired him to become a priest is the love of the Eucharist and the desire to share that with others as well as love of the Church. It should be very interesting to hear about his journey to become a Theology III Seminarian. Please attend to give him support.

The Lecturers Program will be approximately 8:00 pm after a short business meeting. Members, spouses and/or significant others and guests are welcome for our Lecturers programs. After our program we will go upstairs to the lounge for socializing, treats and refreshments. Questions, contact: Orville Fillbrandt – 612.751.2943 or