Training – Children’s Liturgy of the Word

8:30 am

March 8, 2014

Looking to find out more or volunteer with Children’s Liturgy of the Word? Please join us on Saturday, March 8 in the Auditorium for a training/information session for Children’s Liturgy of the Word from 8:30 am – noon.  Call Mary Kay Hird at the parish office to register (952 835-7101, ext. 217).

Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CL) is worship time for children in first through sixth grades.  During the 9:30am Mass, children are dismissed from the congregation, just before the Liturgy of the Word, to process to their own sacred space to hear the same readings as the adult congregation, but in simpler language. For more information about this ministry, please click here or contact Aimee Moen at 952-944-1570 or Judy Hodgson at the parish office 835-7101, ext. 231.