One Time Events

One Time Events & Adult Retreats

Throughout the year we sprinkle in a variety of special one-day or one-evening events, especially for those of you whose busy lives make attending a series less probable. These may be educational in theme, or more spiritual in nature. “The Church therefore must maintain an active, listening presence in relation to the world, a kind of presence which both nurtures community and supports people in seeking acceptable solutions to personal and social problems” (Catholic Social Teaching #80)

Lenten Spring Morning Retreat:
“Living During Times of Change & Transition” (Preparing for the Triduum)

Saturday, March 18th, 9:30am to 12:30pm
Facilitator: Sr. Joanne Dehmer

Come join in a spiritual mini-retreat to refresh the spirit and journey through the season of Lent as we prepare for the Triduum!

How to Participate

Please register for the Lenten retreat and Scripture Study by providing your name, phone number and event you plan to attend:
1. Call: (952) 835-7101
3. Online Registration Form


“The Advent Retreat with Sr. Joanne Dehmer was a Christmas gift to myself.  She left us with the gentle message that we are all together on this journey.”

“The Advent Retreat with Sr. Joanne Dehmer reminded me of the assurance of God’s love and acceptance of us right here today.”