Grades 1-5

Our faith formation ministries are dedicated to providing rich formational opportunities for children in an exciting, innovative and caring environment.

Wednesday nights are rocking at St. Edward! Children and youth fill every nook and cranny in the building. Our program for children in grade 1-5 offers a wonderful small group experience with well-formed and supported small group leaders. We also plan evenings for both parent and child and all-parish events with special speakers and celebrants. Throughout it all, we join together to pass on the faith in creative and innovative ways. The excitement can be felt in the hallways and large group spaces. The greatest testimony comes from the children themselves. When a parent came to pick up their child, the child responded, “I can’t go home yet, I am not finished with my project!”


Wednesdays from 6:30-7:45pm (End of September through early May)

Focus Areas

There are many different components to our 6:30-7:45pm sessions. Our grades 1-5 program has three major areas of focus based on the R.C.I.A. model of formation as well as offering Parent and Family Nights:

grades1-8webpic1. Relational ministry, scripture study and faith- sharing

The first 25 minutes is a time for friendships to flourish and to discuss issues of real life as they relate to the scriptures to be studied in the content section of the evening. This also includes forms of prayer with meditations, traditional prayers and prayers from the heart.

2. Text content uses the “Blest are We” series.

The “Blest Are We” series is used for grades 1-5. 

3. Large group experiences

The large group experiences for all levels include: service projects, speakers, videos and other special presentations. These large group experiences follow the theme of the small group study that evening.

4. Service Projects

Grades 1-5 participate in small group service projects that will take place throughout the session year with in-room projects selected by the Service and Social Justice committee.  (Read about The Sandwich Project that took place in November, 2015.)

Parent and Family Nights

grades1-8familynightParents are invited to attend our Kick-off prayer service/parent orientation, our “P.C.Y.I. (safe child initiative) presentations, Advent, Lenten, Ash Wednesday and whole parish reconciliation services, our special family events and our Easter family evening ending our year.

Adult Formation Opportunities for Parents

We offer discussion groups and other parental formational opportunities just for adults during our regular sessions throughout the year, meeting each week in the parish library.  It is open to all to drop in any evening and you need not attend all sessions.


Registration is required for all faith formation programs and membership in the parish is also required. Forms are sent to active parishioners in August or use our online registration (see sidebar menu at top).

Get Involved

We cannot offer this multi-dimensional, innovative faith formation ministry without adult volunteers. Children are having a great time in their small groups and our leaders are the reason for that success – parents you are missing the fun if you don’t become involved on Wednesday evenings!

Small Group Leaders: Our current small group leaders have shared that the faith sharing and relationships that happen in those groups are touching and enriching to their own lives. Also, their own questions of faith are being answered and their personal journey of faith is more meaningful. “There is a real bond that occurred,” says one of our leaders, “I am having as much fun as they are! I feel I have a lot to share about my own deep love of Jesus.” Small group leaders and co-leaders are needed for each grade.

Other Volunteer Opportunities: Other adults may volunteer for hall monitoring, service and social justice presentations and planning, and special events chaperones and drivers.

Grades 1-5 Faith Formation Committee: This wonderful and motivated group of volunteers meets quarterly to discuss offerings of opportunities for all children’s ministries. The committee plans special events throughout the year. We continue to strive for an even more creative and innovative approach to forming the children and youth’s faith. This committee then elects a member to represent them at the Faith Formation Commission. The committee consists of parents and small group leaders who also look at how we can be present and involved in all areas of Church life such as liturgy, the Feast of St. Edward, service and social justice events and the greater community as well.

All Adult Volunteers: All volunteers are required to complete VIRTUS training and a background check.


“Take and Eat, this is my body, which is given up for you…”

(New Roman Missal)

pic20webSt. Edward’s offers the sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation (Penance) in the 2nd grade year. We welcome our children to the table of the Lord in a family-friendly process. The program consists of study in the small group or at a Catholic School (must be enrolled to receive the sacrament) in conjunction with a home study series to be completed as a family. There is a parent’s only meeting for each sacrament, an evening of preparation and for Eucharist, a rehearsal for the day of reception of the sacrament. Find out more about first sacraments.

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