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Recommended Parent Resources

Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders in Youth: Monday, April 3rd, 7:00pm, Oak Grove Middle School, Bloomington
“Helping Teenagers be the best neighbors in a divided nation”: Speaks to the current heated political culture and shares thoughts on discussing it with our teenagers
“No Name-Calling Allowed”: Helps young people respond to those different than themselves in a culture that constantly “other-izes”
Five Easy Steps for Parents to Support Kids going through Transitions: Ah summer. What should be a much-deserved break can sometimes be filled with stress and anxiety for kids. As parents, how can we tell when our kids are dealing with regular stress or when they are getting more overwhelmed? One important clue can be noticing if it is a transitional time in their lives, which tends to be when more issues and risks arise. Transitions are times when parents should provide more support for tweens and teens.
Family Fest Ministries: Do you want your kids to grow up and live lives of faith? One of the best ways that we can pass along our faith to our kids is by modeling the importance of faith in our own lives, not just talking about it. One cool local resource that I love is Family Fest Ministries. Throughout the year, they offer weekend retreats for the whole family, or day retreats just you and your spouse. I would highly encourage anyone to consider attending one (or several) of these retreats. Why not invest in your family or marriage this year?
Pete Larson’s Blog: He’s the co-founder and executive director of Family Fest Ministries, parishioner of St. Ed’s, and parent of two St. Ed’s Youth alumni! He has some great wisdom to share.
Youth in Theology & Ministry: YMT brings together high school youth, their adult mentors, and students at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University (CSB/SJU) to build a community of disciples working together to build the Reign of God. Our Summer Institute engages high school youth in college-level theological study, service, justice, prayer, and vocational discernment as they explore their faith and integrate it into their everyday experiences. Adult mentors work as full- or part-time youth ministers, directors of religious education, and Catholic school teachers while earning their Master of Arts degree in Pastoral Ministry over the course of four years. CSB/SJU students serve as counselors for the program, gaining skills in pastoral ministry and vocational discernment.
“How Great is Our God” – Louie Giglio: One common barrier that parents run into with their students is the topic of “Faith vs. Science.” One of the best strategies I’ve discovered in approaching this topic is to simply re-frame the perspective. Instead of faith vs. science, view it as faith and science. Below is a link to a sermon given by a Protestant pastor named Louie Giglio, where he discusses astronomy and biology through the lens of an infinite God who is the ultimate scientist. I’ll warn you–he is not Catholic, so there may be some theological differences and he may be a bit more theatrical than you’re used to… don’t let this throw you off. There is much in this video that we can learn and grow from. I have found this resource to be great at starting conversations. Enjoy!
Being Thirteen: Inside The Secret World of Teens: Social Media is a big concern for many parents. However, it’s not something to be afraid of, but it’s also not something that can be ignored. It is something parents have to understand. So all you parents, I encourage you to take 45 minutes and watch this CNN special–the WHOLE thing.

Youth Ministry Articles

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