Youth Retreats

Retreats are a very unique opportunity to “step away” from daily distractions and enter into a place of prayerful reflection. They promote personal growth and group bonding through individual, small group and large group activities.

Confirmation Retreat (Grade 9): April 21, 2017

Watch a video of this awesome retreat:

Read Feedback from Confirmation Retreat Participants

“I thought this weekend was really fun. I loved my cabin, my leaders, my small groups for both of the activities. I got to know people who I hadn’t even talked to before. I liked all the games and activities that we did. I learned so much about God and our role that we play in God’s life. I learned how He wants us to follow Him. This retreat made me think more about joining Acts 29, and it made me want to grow more in my faith. I am so happy that I came on this trip!”

“In my retreat for church I became closer to God. I was able to forget my other life and focus on my faith. I had my friends to help me through the activities. I was forgiven for my sins and it felt good to get it off me. I have been closer to God than I ever have before. The camp was very peaceful and we had no outside distraction so then we can focus on God.”

“My big takeaways from this weekend are: it is not whether we believe in God but it is that He believes in all of us; it is never too late to turn your life around with the help of God. We don’t have to be anything “special” because God created us to be who we are. God doesn’t always make things crystal clear, because if He did there would not need to be a relationship with Him. It isn’t the house, the fame, the wealth that fills you up and gives your life purpose, but your faith that gives you meaning and direction.”

Confirmation Retreat Form (April, 2017): Due by April 20, 2017

Retreat (February 3-5, 2017)

Retreat Permission Form (Feb. 3-5, 2017): Due January 29, 2017

Field Trip (Bloomington Winter Games): February 12, 2017

For grades 10-12
Permission Slip
Pay Uniform Fee

2016 MEA Getaway Retreat: October 20, 2017

For grades 10-12

Permission Form

MEA Getaway Permission Form: Due October 16, 2016


MEA Getaway is a retreat organized by over 30 local churches and youth groups. All travel together to Castaway Club on Pelican Lake near Detroit Lakes and experience group games, hangout time, great food, awesome music, speakers, and time to connect with one another.

Want to see what the MEA Getaway is like? Watch this video: