Spiritual Direction

Need Help Discerning God’s Invitation to Grow or Change?

A Spiritual Director (Christos Spiritual Director Training Program) is prepared through training, experience, and spiritual formation to help another in his or her spiritual life. Not a counselor or an advice giver, a director is a listener and guide who can help a person notice, discern and respond to God’s invitations to growth, change and simplicity, freedom and love, wholeness, and trust.

What Happens During Spiritual Direction?

You and a Spiritual Director meet in a quiet, comfortable space, where a candle represents Christ’s presence. The hour begins with a short prayer or period of silence. Then you can share whatever is on your mind or in your heart—a struggle, a profound experience, a hope or dream, etc. The Spiritual Director listens prayerfully and helps you explore your relationship with God in the situations that you share. The hour ends with prayer.

Contact a Spiritual Director

To meet with a Spiritual Director, please call Mary Boespflug or Jean Buell at (952) 835-7101, ext 212.


Look for a brochure in the rack outside the parish office for more information.

Praying with the Labyrinth

The labyrinth at St. Edward’s Church is located on the south lawn, where it is mowed into the grass. A lawn ornament marks the opening. The design is a variation of the “classic” style labyrinth, which is patterned around a cross. As you walk the labyrinth, you might ponder God’s presence in the crosses of your life. The artistic theme of this labyrinth is “Grace.” Enjoy this experience of prayer in the beauty of nature!

From Our Spiritual Directors:

The disciples said good-bye to Jesus at His Ascension and then experienced a deeper relationship when His Spirit came at Pentecost. Such is the pattern of grief and growth! If life is asking you to let go of something, God may be offering you something deeper.

“Spiritual Direction is the process of accompanying people on their spiritual journeys and helping persons to tell their sacred stories. Spiritual Direction invites a deeper relationship with The Holy and offers a safe place to explore prayer practices, meditation, spiritual experiences, and our growing desire for significance.”
~From Charis Spiritual Director Training Program

“It doesn’t happen all at once…. You become. It takes a long time.”
~Margery Williams, Author
You might recognize these words from The Velveteen Rabbit. As the story shows, love makes us real. The spiritual journey is about receiving God’s love and recognizing the real self within—the image of God in which we are created. Then Jesus’ words become real as well: “As I have loved you, so you also should love one another.”

Listen and Silent have the same letters
Is that a coincidence? Maybe not! One needs to be silent when listening to another, especially when listening in prayer. Silence is a simple practice of resting in God and the foundation for many other prayer practices. It makes us vulnerable, and that is exactly what is needed for intimacy with God.


A subtle shift can make a dramatic difference in perspective. Not just in the words above but also in real-life experiences. Imagine the shift that the disciples experienced after Jesus’ death and resurrection! Are you wondering about God’s presence in a personal situation? Conversations with a spiritual director might lead you to fresh insights and renewed energy for it.

What is your name for God? In the back of our minds, we often carry images of God that we learn from childhood experiences. Some are healthy, and some are not. We don’t realize how these images affect our prayer and relationships until we take time to explore them. Spiritual Direction is a safe place to do exactly that.