Catholic Tutor Corps

The Catholic Tutor Corps (CTC) is a grass roots organization of predominately Catholic lay people that had its beginnings thirteen years ago.

CTC grew out of the understanding that many students attending inner city Catholic schools came from low income and/or ethnic minority families, resulting in many working below grade level in school. The socioeconomic conditions that many of these students faced left them at a huge disadvantage compared with many of their peers. In an effort to address this inequity the CTC began recruiting tutors from area parishes, the University of St. Thomas Law School, as well as local businesses. This work has helped hundreds of students over the years.

Over the past several years, the CTC has placed 45-60 tutors each year in a dozen Minneapolis and St. Paul schools. Tutors have worked with students in grades one through eight, primarily on their reading and math skills.


“I first volunteered at Blessed Trinity helping 4th graders with Reading and Comprehension. For the last two years I have been volunteering at Nativity with 4th graders who needed a little extra help with Math. I will be doing it again this year at the invitation of the teacher. At first I was hesitant to accept the Math call, but found that I could be a big help. I saw definite progress in students’ confidence and abilities from the beginning to the end of the school year. It was a personally satisfying experience even though sometimes challenging. Since the students are close in age to my own grandchildren, who are far away on the West Coast, these kids provide me with fun and worthwhile interaction with that age group. All-in-all it is definitely a positive experience and I recommend others to answer the call. I was impressed with the respectful, academic, and cheerful atmosphere at both Blessed Trinity and Nativity, with a big focus on learning.”
Mariar Gannon (Parishioner)

“Most of the students I have assisted speak Spanish as their primary language; I do not speak Spanish, but was able to communicate well with them. Sometimes I found that they did not even know what their spelling words meant, so then I would try to explain what they were or find examples. It is rewarding to see them progress in their skills over the course of the school year. I was a volunteer tutor for one student for three years. It was nice to get to know him and what his academic needs were and where I could try to assist him. The younger students, such as fourth graders, are often very sweet. I volunteer at Blessed Trinity, specifically at the campus at St. Peter’s Church which is grades four through eight. I think there are also volunteers at the other campus based at St. Richard’s Church, for kindergarten to grade three. The school is happy to accept volunteers at any time and on a flexible basis…I prefer after school hours for my schedule, but others volunteer during the school day. Some of the snowbird volunteers leave for the winter. Whenever I have needed to be gone, the volunteer coordinator isvery gracious.”
Maureen Kent (Parishioner)


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