Family Partnership

The Family Partnership is an accredited, multicultural, human services organization whose mission is to build strong families, vital communities and better futures for children.

Members of St. Edward’s help build the program by committing “Time, Talent and Treasure” to help this non-profit organization achieve its goals. The Family Partnerships’ core services are:


Individual & family counseling; therapy groups for girls, boys, women & men; children’s play therapy; and in-home counseling services are offered. Multicultural, multilingual therapists help people heal and move ahead from domestic abuse, child abuse, sexual exploitation and trauma including disasters. They help people manage mental health disorders, chemical recovery and the stress of lifetime poverty. They help maltreated infants regain positive attachment, children and teens change damaging behaviors, move on from delinquency, turn around failing school performance. Call 612-728-7061.


Childhood educational programs exist for high-risk kids aged 16 months through 18 years old. Multicultural therapeutic preschools are managed in inner-city neighborhoods to reverse the impact of poverty and trauma and to advance children’s learning. Parent services enhance stability and child-rearing skills. Enrichment programs help older children/youth improve academics and behavior, build life skills, prevent teen pregnancy, spark youth leadership, and inspire high-risk teens for a better future.


Work is provided to get people out of poverty by leadership partnerships. The partnerships help marginalized families gain access to fair opportunity for jobs, training, and housing. Individual advocacy helps victims of sex trafficking, abuse, or bullying to navigate, build skills and succeed on action plans for a safe, self-reliant future. Grassroots leadership training helps those in poverty discover undeveloped talents and to lead projects that improve neighborhoods.

Learn More

Use your Time, Talent and Treasure by contacting The Family Partnership at 612-339-9101 or contact the St. Edward’s parish office at 952-835-7101.

If you or someone you know is in need of services provided by The Family Partnership, Contact The Family Partnership at 612-339-9101.