Tithing Outreach Program

Responding to Human Needs

St. Edward’s parish tithes by donating 10% of our undesignated offertory to nonprofit organizations providing human services and promoting social justice. Our tithing outreach extends “to the least amongst us”, whether in our community, in the inner city or elsewhere in the world.

Tithing Committee

For this purpose, a Tithing Committee was formed to put into action the parish’s commitment to the needs of the poor, sharing our faith and resources with the rest of the world and by responding in love to the human needs of those in our world. Members of the committee have a passion for justice and equality. Members give witness to the mandate of Jesus Christ to respond to human needs of the poor and disenfranchised in a number of ways. The Tithing Outreach allocations are targeted to provide:

  1. Assistance to the poor, alleviating their immediate needs.
  2. Support to self-help groups that assist people in developing their own communities.
  3. Aid to organizations with a mission to restore and preserve the dignity of the poor as well as helping them to realize their own potential

Your Donations at Work

Some examples of projects supported through St. Edward’s Tithing Outreach Program:


On-Going Local Outreach

Loaves & Fishes
VEAP Hunger Initiative
Meals on Wheels
The Family Partnership
Families Moving Forward – St. Edward’s
St. Mary’s Health Clinic
The Banyan Community
Catholic Charities Opportunity Center

Aid to Mission Projects

Sister Parish Committee
Teresa Toda Home
St. Edward’s Faith Formation Retreat
St. Edward’s Faith Formation Summer Camp Project
Tom Kent Jr. Bolivian Project

Housing/Shelter/Care of the Poor

Cabrini Partnership
St. Stephen’s Outreach
Project for Pride in Living
Bloomington Nursing Home Visitors
Jabbock Family Services-INSTEP
People Serving People
Ascension Place
Urban Works


Pillsbury United Communities
Crisis Connection
Nativity of Mary School
Tapestry Pregnancy & Family Resource
The Banyan Community

Get Involved

Tithing Committee members will be involved with other members of our parish in making decisions to allocate Tithing Outreach funds and make occasional visits to recipients for the purpose of education and relationship building. Members experience the reality that individuals and organizations working together can provide the means for individuals to help themselves rise from poverty and regain their self-dignity. The Tithing Committee meets at St. Edward’s for two hours once every quarter. The parish staff prepares and distributes a packet of information containing the requests for allocations and the Tithing financial details for the committee’s consideration.

If you are interested in serving on the Tithing Committee, know of a cause that you would like the Tithing Committee to consider, or have any questions contact Mary Pat Potts.