Our Christian emphasis on hospitality has its roots in Judaism and nomadic culture. In the desert, hospitality is necessary for survival and that is where our earliest ancestors began their traditions which we still practice today. The guest is welcomed. The stranger is fed. There is an agreement that neither guest nor host will commit an offense against the other. As Jesus traveled, he was often a guest at someone’s home and we know that there were people who traveled with him and provided for his needs along the way. In his writings, St. Paul often reminds us to “Let hospitality be your special care.” At St. Edward’s we are attentive to the comfort, cleanliness and appropriateness of our worship space through our hospitality ministries.

Art and Environment

decorationThe Art and Environment volunteers work as a team to provide an artistic, sacred and beautiful worship space at St. Edward’s appropriate for the liturgical season. This is an opportunity to share your varying gifts such as: decorators, seamstresses, flower arrangers, ladder climbers, plant tenders, workers who can take on differing tasks such as carrying flowers, plant stands and placing worship aids in the pews to transform our worship space. Time required: The ministry is performed about 10 times throughout the liturgical year; one to three hours for each session. Volunteer: Contact Mary Kay Hird at 952 835-7101, ext. 217.


greeterGreeters extend welcome and hospitality to all persons coming into our worship space on weekends, Holy Days and other special liturgies. You are invited to serve as a greeter, reaching out with a warm smile and welcoming spirit to each person who comes to worship at St. Edward’s. Individuals, couples and/or families may serve together in this capacity. Time required: The ministry is performed once or twice a month; check-in 20 minutes prior to Mass/service. Volunteer: Contact Maureen Georgou at (952) 893-9901 or Lynn Anne Groebner at 952 393-3188.

Linen Laundry

This “behind the scenes” ministry is a necessary and important part of our weekly worship – all one needs to know how to do is laundry. Volunteers pick up the purificators and towels from the sacristy after the last weekend Mass, wash and iron the purificators and return them before the following weekend. Volunteers provide their own washing and ironing facilities. Someone once referred to this task as doing Jesus’ laundry. Time required: The ministry is performed a month at a time, every four months; two to three hours a week. Volunteer: Contact Janet Factor at 952-831-0244.


ushersUshers welcome members and guests to our parish and assist those who come to worship. They seat the assembly, take up the collection, assist with emergency situations, coordinate the offertory procession, facilitate the communion procession, and distribute the bulletin at the end of Mass. After Mass our ushers help straighten the hymnals and worship aids in the pews. Youth as well as adults are invited to serve as as ushers. Volunteers exhibit friendliness, honesty, dependability, and an ability to handle emergency situations with courage and composure. Time required: The ministry is performed at weekend Masses, Holy Days and special services. Ushers serve every other month at a Mass time of their choice; fifteen minutes prior to Mass and fifteen minutes after Mass. Volunteer: Contact our Usher Coordinators, Terry Langness or 612-670-8256 or Ed Wilson at 952-831-4080.