///New Orleans Mission (NOLA) Trip Day 1

New Orleans Mission (NOLA) Trip Day 1

July 27, 2013

5427785 Day 1: Here we go!!! Our adventure has finally begun as we left St.Ed’s today for your first destination of St. Charles MO.

Naturally Detloff’s car became the singing and dancing car where as Kenutis’s car had a nice napping vibe going on. After picking up Natalie in Ankley, Iowa we had lunch which re-energized us for the second leg of the day. Making it to St. Charles around 6:00pm, we found an Italian place within walking distance to eat at for the night. After our bellies were filled we created our own space in the hotel conference room where we were able to worship in song and start our first discussion and small group of NOLA on the topic: “What is love?

2749178_origToday the focus topic is “What does it mean to love?” Please keep us in your prayers as we start our second day of travel!







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