///New Orleans Mission Trip (NOLA) Day 3

New Orleans Mission Trip (NOLA) Day 3

July 29, 2013

NEW ORLEANS! We finally are here, alive and living it up as stand out tourists today.

2741875 4358725_orig 7271444_orig 9841144_origThe day started by attending a Jazz Brunch at The Court Of Two Sisters restaurant where there was everything and more to eat, from Jambalaya, Creole salads and bread pudding to your typical omelets and bacon! No one left hungry and we got right to burning it off as we toured the rest of the city. At the WWII museum we saw a 4-D movie and then walked over to catch a horse and buggy tour around the French Quarter. Our next form of transportation was a Ferry Boat up the Mighty Mississippi, landing at Chalmette Battlefield to be greeted with a southern fried chicken lunch. Our final tour of the day was through the canals and swamps to see gators in the bayou. Our evening reflection started strong with great harmonizing on the worship songs. Matt Kenutis gave a talk on “Why We Love” and Mackenzie gave one on “When We Fail to Love.” After a time to journal and reflect we had small group discussion and then hit the hay!

Pray for us tomorrow as we venture for the first time to the work sights and start our service. Our theme for the day will be, “How do we love God daily?”

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