///New Orleans Mission Trip (NOLA) Day 4

New Orleans Mission Trip (NOLA) Day 4

July 30, 2013

First Day of working with the Bernard Project is finally here!

666358_orig 5203728_orig 6719631_origAlthough it feels like we have been here for a few weeks after the amount of New Orleans culture we soaked up yesterday. After an orientation at the organization’s main warehouse to learn more about their motto and mission for why they serve, we then were split up into the work groups and headed out to our site builds. Some groups were working on the start of the build and doing sheet rocking and insulation while others were working on grouting tile and painting walls. Each work group was given a bio of the person(s) they were serving and building this home for which, for the kids, was a key thing to read to help them feel connected to the service work they were sweating off all their water weight to complete! We hit up the snow cone shop for the 3rd time on the way back to our housing before an authentic New Orleans jambalaya dinner made fresh by Pastor Randy. The Night event was pure and simple relaxation, it was well needed after all we have done. Card games and naps held us until our worship and reflection for the night on the topic of “How We Love God” lead by Megan Webb.

Moving into tomorrow please pray for us to stay healthy in this hot weather and stay smart as to not over exert ourselves too much but to put forth the best we can as well to continue growing together in our faiths.


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