///New Orleans Mission Trip (NOLA) Day 5

New Orleans Mission Trip (NOLA) Day 5

July 31, 2013

Its Hump Day! Meaning we are just over half way through our trip.

1358101_orig 9309455 9337367_origThis adventure is never ceasing to amaze us all and continuities to teach us more about our faith, New Orleans, and our selves each day. Today was the second day at the work site and you definitely could tell the difference in our skills level. We cruised through the work and were able to accomplish a lot more and move our houses closer and closer to completion. One work group moved to a new house today because theirs was so close to being finished the day before that SBP wanted our speedy work crews to extend that skill to help new people. Another group that is in the starting phase of the building process insulated the ceiling today which was a great step forward for the house and for the humidity in the house to rise, but sweat has been bonding us all thus far and will keep continuing to do so. The night’s activity, after a huge and I mean HUGE dinner at Rocky and Carlos, was taking the street car down St. Charles street and hitting up an ice cream shop called non-other than “Mckenzies” Filled with Italian food and ice cream all of us were in food comas and slowly made our way back to Aribi for reflection. The topic of the night was “How We Love Others” which Matt (Booty) gave us great insight on, setting us up for fabulous small groups. After one more rendition of Seasons of Love, from rent, we hit our bunk rooms to get some much needed sleep.

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