///New Orleans Mission Trip (NOLA) Day 6

New Orleans Mission Trip (NOLA) Day 6

August 01, 2013

Almost reaching the finish line, last leg of the race, on the home stretch… or the 2nd to last day of working with The St. Bernard Project. Today the excitement was unbelievable when we all got back from our work sites.

1352288_orig 4349511_orig 6750895Everyone was ready with stories to share about how far along our houses are coming and what little left we have to call it complete for the owners. In one group the T-Swift and Miley Cyrus jams were playing to encourage our door framing, touchup painting, and moping. Other groups finished insulating an entire house today and will be moving onto sheet rock tomorrow, I’m sure they will all be missing the fiberglass in their limbs so much… A group today got to meet the home owner which I know from them was a very impactful and made the week of work hit home in their hearts.

Back at the fellowship we had another to die for homemade meal from Pastor Randy which was Shrimp Créole over rice. We then went to a haunted horse and buggy ride through the city pointing out all the local ghosts’ sightings and hearing stories of what has previously gone on in buildings. Monica led our reflection for the night on the NOLA topic specifically “God Loves Us” and we discussed where we saw God in the day and how that was an act of his love.




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