///New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Originally posted September 8, 2013

This Sunday we celebrate our annual Feast of St. Edwards. A BIG THANK YOU to our Feast Committee and to everyone who contributed to this special day.

This is a wonderful way for us to kick off our new church-programming year. As we ponder what this new beginning will be, may we open our hearts to the opportunities for service, study, worship, fellowship, etc., that are before us. How will we share our time, talent, and treasure? Consider the following fitting reflection from one of my favorite poets Reverend Ted Loder.

May God bless our new beginning, Fr. Brian

I Tremble on the Edge of a Maybe

O God of beginnings,
as your Spirit moved
over the face of the deep
on the first day of creation,
move with me now
in my time of beginnings,
when the air is rain-washed,
the bloom is on the bush,
and the world seems fresh
and full of possibilities,
and I feel ready and full.

I tremble on the edge of a maybe,
a first time,
a new thing,
a tentative start,
and the wonder of it lays its finger on my lips.

In silence, Lord,
I share now my eagerness
and my uneasiness
about this something different
I would be or do;
and I listen for your leading
to help me separate the light
from the darkness
in the change I seek to shape
and which is shaping me.

– Reverend Ted Loder

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