///World Mission Sunday

World Mission Sunday

Originally posted October 20, 2013

Pope Francis has proclaimed in his World Mission Sunday message, “…the power of God’s love is able to overcome the darkness of evil and guide us on the path of goodness.” As we join in prayer and offer gifts of support to help provide spiritual and physical support to struggling communities, we are in communion with every other parish in the world as they celebrate and take up offerings for World Mission Sunday on the same day. “Do Good On Earth” through the power of God’s love and be as generous as you are able.

This weekend we join with Catholics throughout the world to celebrate World Mission Sunday.

A second collection will be taken on October 20th for the Society for the Propagation of the Faith. This additional collection is instrumental in establishing and sustaining parish communities, their priests and missionaries, as well as supporting the catechists who share their faith and often lead their local faith community. The Society for the Propagation of the Faith provides resources to help the Church in 1,150 mission dioceses. The Society for the Propagation of the Faith is one of four Pontifical Mission Societies responsible for continuing the mission of Jesus Christ in the world — to share our faith, by speaking the Word, caring for people in need, and acting for justice and the good of all people.

This weekend we are invited to support the crucial work of dedicated missionaries around the world, missionaries like Sister Clara in Chennai, India. In India, child trafficking and child labor are the reality for 12 million children. Every day, Sister Clara and her fellow Salesian Sisters world mission sundaywork tirelessly to rescue young girls from this tragic reality and help each to see her worth as a beloved child of God. Recently, Pope Francis condemned child trafficking as “a despicable activity, a disgrace for our societies.” He added, speaking of displaced people and refugees, “all of us can and must nourish their hope” of resuming a normal life.

Here at St. Edwards as we celebrate the Eucharist this weekend and every day, please consider what gift you will make to support missionaries like Sister Clara and those whose faces you may never know, but who nonetheless offer the face and heart of the Lord to the poor and those in need. Every day, these missionaries deal with great challenges, and your generosity makes a real difference for their services and in the lives of the poor.

Only the Church helps the Church.

We ask you to pray for the Missions and to sacrifice for those in great need. I thank you for whatever generous support you can give on World Mission Sunday — remember the baskets for this second collection are found in the foyers. This is just one example of countless good works you are supporting. Our faith is taught, the sacraments are celebrated, and Jesus Christ is loved — all through your help!

I conclude with the words of Sister Clara herself: “If you help us, we will always remember that you helped our children to have a better home. Never more will they get back to the street. They will always have that standard where they can live a better life.”

Autumn blessings, Fr. Brian

To read Pope Francis’ message for World Mission Sunday, you can visit the Vatican Website.

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