///From the Streets of Jinotega, Nicaragua – Entry 1.2

From the Streets of Jinotega, Nicaragua – Entry 1.2

November 13, 2013

Here you can read about the experiences of people who are either in Nicaragua at the moment or have been in Nicaragua and know the people, the place, the church in our sister parish community.

Specifically now…

Parishioner Sue Kellett is in Jinotega right now! She will be there for the next few weeks, joined by parishioner Kris McCullough. They will be e-mailing their progress, impressions, and such throughout their visit. Check back frequently to see what’s going on!

November 13, 2013


These past days have been full even though when I wake up in the morning I have almost nothing on my agenda. Monday I spent a better part of the day working with Victorino on the FMSC report we needed to submit. We have to do reports each time we receive a container. So we’re in good standing once again.

Yesterday I was invited to a workshop hosted by the European Union organization that is funding AVODEC’s chicken project. It had to do with teaching nutrition to the families in this area. Leaders of other organizations were there to observe and learn. As was I. This is a 1 million dollar project and AVODEC was selected to participate in it. They do LOTS of training. They teach the people how to raise and take care of the 6 chickens they receive. They build coops and mix food so the chickens have a good chance of survival. They lay eggs and new chicks hatch. They then pass on baby chicks to other families and teach them how to raise them. There is a lot of follow up. AVODEC has to invest some of their own funds.

The project manager, a Belgian woman named Maite’ is very impressed with AVODEC. She has worked in central America for 5 years and they are her favorite group so far. Such hard workers. It’s good to have this feedback.

Nica Nov. 2013 065Today I went to the basketball court to see the 30+ peasants who came to receive their wheel chairs. These were brought in by a Rotary group. The people were diverse, some just old with failing limbs, some had congenital deformities, some were single or double amputees due to diabetes or the war. (the photo above is a war casualty.) It really had an impact to see them all together. The wheel chairs came from The Wheelchair Foundation.

I made plans for Kris when she gets here so she can use her nursing and midwife skills. Our meeting in Managua with FMSC was postponed until the following week which is a disappointment to me because that was a big part of why I came at this time. But Victorino will go. We did inventory at the food warehouse and checked for mice. So far so good… So life is good. Tomorrow Victorino and I will go to Managua about 2 and do a few errands one of which is to drop off some water to be tested. Then we’ll meet Kris at the airport at 8:20 (if God wants which is what they always say here.)

So that’s the high points. Stay tuned. There will be lots more coming.

Love, Sue

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