///From the Streets of Jinotega, Nicaragua – Entry 1.4

From the Streets of Jinotega, Nicaragua – Entry 1.4

November 25, 2013

Here you can read about the experiences of people who are either in Nicaragua at the moment or have been in Nicaragua and know the people, the place, the church in our sister parish community.

Specifically now…

Parishioner Sue Kellett is in Jinotega right now! She will be there for the next few weeks, joined by parishioner Kris McCullough. They will be e-mailing their progress, impressions, and such throughout their visit. Check back frequently to see what’s going on!

November 24, 2013 Hello to all, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATime has flown by and we’re back home as of this morning. We missed our connection in Miami yesterday afternoon so they sent us to Chicago. We spent the night there and came home today. I have been remiss in writing as the time has flown. A group of children at two rural schools received the baseball equipment for two new teams. Kris brought two duffels full of these things that have been donated. This is an ongoing project of ours. If you have any new or used equipment to donate please let us know. It can be found in the garages of friends and family, at stores selling used sports equipment, or at garage sales.

Many thanks to those who were out scouting for the equipment! You’ll never know what a difference you’ve made in the lives of these youngsters!

God Bless!

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