///The Lord’s Work

The Lord’s Work

Originally posted November 3, 2013

This weekend we celebrate our annual Memorial Mass and our Ministry Fair. I believe this scheduling is more than mere coincidence; rather, these celebrations are intimately tied to one another.

Both events honor our efforts to continue Jesus’ work here at St. Edwards. Through baptism every Christian/Catholic takes on the responsibility to build the kingdom; that is, to be Jesus’ hands, ears, eyes, voice, and heart to the world. The month of November, with the coming of Thanksgiving and Advent, is a wonderful opportunity to review our journey through life.

The Memorial Mass (Saturday at 9:00 am) celebrates the lives of the St. Edward’s parishioners andTall_Candles_by_tshirtfanatic family members who have died since last year’s celebration of All Souls Day. We hold up the good work these fellow Catholics accomplished during their life here on earth. As we reflect on their lives, we are to be challenged in our own efforts to “live life to the full.” Regardless of what we have accomplished in the past, or what we have failed to do, we have the opportunity to begin anew today our effort to continue the Lord’s work. How? Consider —

1. Pick up one of the “We Remember” booklets which highlights the lives of those connected with our community who have died during this past year. Use it in your personal prayer throughout the month of November; that is, each day reflects on the life of one of the recently deceased. How did he/she inspire you in your efforts to follow Jesus?

2. Take time to consider the Stewardship materials that every registered parish family should have received by now (contact the parish office if you have not received one). This packet details the many ministry opportunities available to you and your family here at St. Edwards — I’m sure we even missed a few, for it is hard to keep track of all the good work done through our parish. I guarantee that there is a ministry to fit every person. Therefore, take time to consider and to act upon how you will share your time, talent and treasure here at St. Edward’s.

The Ministry Fair is being offered after each of the weekend Masses in Shallbetter Hall. Representatives of our various parish ministries will be available to discuss their parish work. This is a great opportunity to get all the information you and your family needs to make the decision how you will serve the Lord through our community. I encourage you take advantage of this event. Remember, our community needs everyone to step forward and offer a helping hand if we are to continue all the good work we do here at St. Edwards. Therefore, take some time to check out the Ministry Fair.

Indeed, let us give thanks for all the accomplishments of the men and women who have gone before us here at St. Edwards.

We celebrate their lives. We are encouraged to follow in their footsteps. We embrace our baptismal responsibility to continue the Lord’s work here on earth. May God bless our efforts to share our time, talent and treasure.

Peace, Fr. Brian

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