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Offertory Giving Challenge

ogc pic TOTALFinal Total: $115,645
Congratulations. You did it!

We met the goals of the Offertory Giving Challenge. Nearly 600 St. Edward’s families answered the challenge and increased their giving during November and December compared to last year at this time. The total amount raised was $115,645. Thank you to the two generous St. Edward’s families who contributed an additional $105,000 ($100,000 / $5,000) of matching funds.

On behalf of the Stewardship Committee, Fr. Brian, Parish Staff, Ministry Leaders and the hundreds of lives touched by dozens of St. Edward’s ministries – thank you and Happy New Year!

About the Offertory Giving Challenge

Our Stewardship Committee (SC) recently sent out the annual “Ministry Opportunities” mailing to every registered parish family. Everyone is called to do their part. As the SC proclaimed, this is the time to “Re-Engage” with our parish.

Consider how one family has already responded to this invitation — This generous family (who wishes to remain anonymous) came forward with a challenge for all of us to increase our Offertory Giving. They have pledged $100,000 in the form of an Offertory Giving Challenge.

What do we mean by an Offertory Giving Challenge (OGC)?

Simply stated, they will match “dollar for dollar” the increase in Offertory contributions (up to $100,000) from our parish families during November and December 2013. In other words, whatever the total amount all parishioners increased their Offertory giving during November and December will be doubled. WOW! Talk about a great return on an investment! What a wonderful opportunity to support St. Edward!

The goal of the OGC is to increase Offertory Giving for 2013 and beyond. I pray that every parish family will assist us in taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity. Whether you have two cents or two thousand dollars or more to offer, this is a blessed moment we cannot allow to pass us by.

On behalf of the entire St. Edward’s community, I wish to express a heartfelt blessing to this generous donor family. They are challenging all of us to “Re-Engage” in our parish. We are called to express our gratitude to God for all that we have been given by returning a portion of our treasure to the Lord. Yes, we are called to be a tithing family. I encourage you to join your fellow parishioners in helping to ensure the future well-being of our parish. Thank you for your consideration of this challenge and your ongoing commitment to St. Edward. May God bless our efforts to build the kingdom. Keep the faith!

Sincerely, Fr. Brian Fier, Your Pastor and Fellow Parishioner

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the pledge work?

An anonymous Church of St. Edwards family has pledged $100,000 in the form of an Offertory Giving Challenge. Simply stated, the generous family will match “dollar for dollar”, up to $100,000, the increase in offertory contributions given by all other parishioners between November 1 and December 31, 2013 compared to what was given last year during the same period. For example, if you gave $400 total during November and December of last year and this November and December you gave $500 – a $100 increase – the family will match your $100 increase with another $100.

Did the donor family put any restrictions on the pledge?

There are no restrictions. It is a general offertory contribution, to be used as St. Ed’s sees fit. As with all contributions from any source to St. Ed’s, the first 10% will go to our parish tithing and 8% goes to the Archdiocese.

Can I wait until next year?

No. The increase in giving has to be received by the parish before December 31, 2013. Thank you to all who contributed and to all who prayed for our parish in this time of opportunity!

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