///Prayer Shawl Ministry Offers Symbol of Prayer and Support

Prayer Shawl Ministry Offers Symbol of Prayer and Support

February 16, 2014

by Deacon Jim DeShane, Director of Pastoral Care and Marriage Coordinator

When most of us think about the ministries that we have here at St. Edward’s, our first thoughts can center on the wonderful ministries that help us pray as a faith community. We are blessed with great musicians and so many different and talented choirs. Our lectors truly bring the Word of God to life and our Eucharistic Ministers literally bring us the Body and Blood of Christ to spiritually sustain us in the most respectful and beautiful way.

However, we are also blessed with many ministries that are “behind the scenes,” yet make a big difference in this community’s prayer life.

One of those is our Prayer Shawl Ministry. Gloria Pope coordinates a group of dedicated volunteers who offer prayers as they knit the most amazing shawls that are then given to members of St. Edward’s to support them as they face any number of life crises. A few examples are surgery, cancer, depression or loss of a loved one. Those receiving these symbols of our prayers of support for them, often write of appreciation both for the wonderful shawl, and more importantly, for the spiritual support that they feel from it and this is how it is almost always phrased, “The people of St Edward’s.”

I would like to share with everyone just a few of the most recent cards we have received:

“Thank you so much for the beautiful yellow prayer shawl! We’ve been inseparable since I had my surgery. Again thank you for your kindness.” Another lady wrote, “A thank you to the prayer shawl ministry for the beautiful shawl – I will always treasure it.” And finally a third parishioner wrote, “I just received my prayer shawl from St. Ed’s and I want you to know that I love it! Every time I even look at it, my heart and soul are warmed by your church’s prayers and support.”

On behalf of the entire parish I want to thank these spirit-filled volunteers for helping all of us know and feel the loving touch of God’s presence in our world though the prayerful work of their hands. If you know of someone who needs a prayer shawl or if you would like to join this ministry, please call the Parish Office at 952-835-7101.

Deacon Jim

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