///From The Streets of Jinotega, Nicaragua – Wednesday Part I

From The Streets of Jinotega, Nicaragua – Wednesday Part I

February 26, 2014

Here you can read about the experiences of people who are either in Nicaragua at the moment or have been in Nicaragua and know the people, the place, the church in our sister parish community.

Specifically now…

Mary Pat Potts is in Jinotega right now! She will be there until March 7, leading several parishioners in a pilgrimage. They will be e-mailing their progress, impressions, and such throughout their visit. Check back frequently to see what’s going on!

Great flight. No issues. Hit the ground running in Jinotega.

Right away we went to the inaugaration ceremony for the brand new office building & hostel of our partner non government organization AVODEC – who does so much good work for the poor in the outlying villages – wells, houses, agricultural teaching, health, our solar ovens & cookstoves, distributing our Feed My Starving Children food, and so much more. What a wonderful celebration of good work!

Our own priest from our sister parish did the invocation & blessing – Padre Eliar. Listening to the speech by the director of Esperança – an Arizona organization that helps AVODEC a great deal with funding – I was able to identify almost all the principles of Catholic social teaching! We are doing wonderful things for these very poor people by working with AVODEC. It truly benefits out sister parish community.

Until later – Mary Pat

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