///From The Streets of Jinotega, Nicaragua – Wednesday Part II

From The Streets of Jinotega, Nicaragua – Wednesday Part II

February 26, 2014

Here you can read about the experiences of people who are either in Nicaragua at the moment or have been in Nicaragua and know the people, the place, the church in our sister parish community.

Specifically now…

Mary Pat Potts is in Jinotega right now! She will be there until March 7, leading several parishioners in a pilgrimage. They will be e-mailing their progress, impressions, and such throughout their visit. Check back frequently to see what’s going on!

We spent Wednesday trying to get our plans organized. The only visit we made was to the Nursing Home for the elderly, which is incredibly poor compared to those we have in Minnesota.

Sue Kellett has a special friend there, Raimunda, and we also supply some FMSC food for them to have better nutrition on a regular basis, but not every day. Raimunda is a woman that Sue found living on the street with her husband some years ago. They were already very elderly – Raimunda’s probably over 90 now – and the entire lower part of her leg was one big infected sore. Sue was able to arrange for some medical attention and to find a way to build a simple small home for them. One of St. Ed’s long-time parishioners helped to support this couple for a long time. Her husband has since died, and now she lives at the “Home of the old ones.” We just had to bring her some cheer. She was very excited that they are building a chapel for them that will be right next to her room that she shares with about 10 other women. God bless her heart.

And that was the most interesting part of that day.

Good-bye for now!


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