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Gratitude for Service

February 7, 2014

Just last weekend I welcomed Mr. Paul C. Hufnagle as our new parish trustee. I now have to announce that our other trustee Mr. Michael Barg has decided to resign.

His two-year term has come to end and he has decided to focus his energies in other areas (e.g., he will continue to serve on the Tithing Committee and the Worship Commission). A BIG THANK YOU to Michael for his service. He will handle the trustee role until a replacement can be found.

Once again I raise the following questions — Who will be our next parish trustee? What will be the selection process? Remember that both trustee and Finance Council member are the only two parish roles that are appointed by the pastor. My plan is to consult with the parish; therefore, I welcome anyone and everyone who has interest in this position to contact me. I am open to all inquiries. In addition, those parishioners who submitted their name for consideration during the selection process of Paul Hufnagle are invited to resubmit their name for this latest search.

What does the trustee position involve? The primary duties include:

  • A trustee serves as a member of the parish corporate board along with the Archbishop, Vicar General and Pastor. Normally this duty does not entail any meetings, just the occasional document to be signed. For example, there are some annual parish reports that are submitted to the Archdiocese for which the pastor and trustees must review and sign.
  • A trustee is expected to oversee all parish operations, especially the financial dealings of the church. Therefore, they are encouraged to attend the monthly Parish Council and Finance Council meetings.
  • A trustee is expected to provide support to the pastor. Therefore, regular meetings and communications with the pastor are a must.
  • A trustee is expected to be a resource for all staff and parish leaders.

Sound daunting? Yes, it is a big responsibility; and yet, if we are to continue the many wonderful ministries we offer here at St. Edwards, then we need to ensure there is proper oversight. Both the trustees and pastor have key roles here. Therefore, I look forward to hearing from any parishioners who are willing to step forward to handle these important duties. Together we will continue to build the kingdom.

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