///Fatherhood and Leadership

Fatherhood and Leadership

This weekend we continue our celebration of parenthood. Last month we honored our mothers. Today we honor our fathers.

The following reflection is identical to the one I offered for our mothers back in May — check out our May 11th bulletin. The only difference is that now I have changed the focus from mothers to fathers. Regardless of which parent we are honoring, I believe the sentiments and beliefs should be the same. If not, why not? What does Father’s Day mean to you? Consider —

Father’s Day involves the celebration of both our fathers; namely, our birth father and the father who raised us. For most of us these roles were handled by the same person; and yet, this is not always the case. In fact, some people had numerous men who guided their formative years. Before a debate begins, we have to acknowledge that all men have the potential to bring a child into the world. This can be done with little or no thought or planning. Regardless of the details of our creation, on Father’s Day each of us should celebrate our birth father, whether he was/is a saint or a sinner, we would not be here on this earth if not for his choice to allow us to be born. In addition, we should honor the man/men who made the commitment to help raise us. Clearly, conscious choices have been made by the father(s) in our lives — whether they are birth fathers, step fathers, foster fathers, or simply men who have played a formative role in our development — on Father’s Day we honor these men. Therefore, be sure to offer up a prayer of thanksgiving for the father(s) in your life.

Last weekend as we closed our Easter season with the celebration of Pentecost fittingly we chose our new leaders for our Parish Council. Following the biblical tradition of “drawing lots” we turned to the Holy Spirit guidance for the selection of our new parish representatives.

The following individuals were chosen:

  1. Bob McBeath,
  2. Kevin Curry, and
  3. Eric Van Brocklin

Thank you to these parishioners for stepping forward to lead our parish in the coming years. Watch future bulletins for background info on our new leaders. Thank you also to everyone who considered serving on the Parish Council. And finally, a BIG THANK YOU to our outgoing Parish Council members — Dan Kinsella, Martie McMahon and Felicity Furber — we appreciate their service these past years.

Let us give thanks for the many good people who serve our parish in leadership roles. Together we are building the kingdom.

Summer blessings, Fr. Brian

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