///What Will Advent Be For You?

What Will Advent Be For You?

December 1, 2014

Dear Fellow Parishioners:

This weekend marks the beginning of the Advent Season. This four-week period of preparation for the Solemnities of Christmas has a two-fold focus: our remembrance of the First Coming of the Son of God to humanity, and our preparation for the Second Coming of Christ at the end of time. What will Advent be for you? I encourage you to check out some of the opportunities offered through our parish this month.

A few “Pastor tidbits” —

1. The Worship Commission’s Exploratory Task Force (ETF) continues its efforts to find a new Director of Music and/or Liturgy.

The search has now entered its fifth month. There is good news to report:

a. As I write this column we are on the brink of hiring a new Director of Music. Yes, I believe we have found a gifted individual to handle these duties. Hurrah! Say a prayer that God will help us finalize the details of this hiring process.

b. The ETF has not had any success in finding a Director of Liturgy. With the Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter seasons fast approaching, we need to act. While I have attempted to handle this job in addition to my regular duties — a BIG THANKS to the many staff and volunteers who offered a helping hand these past five months — I recognize the need to have a better plan. Therefore, just as we hired an interim Director for the Adult Choir for these past five months — a BIG THANKS to Richard Duncan for his great work — I now believe it is time to hire an interim Director of Liturgy.

The plan draws upon our current resources and actually has a two-fold approach:
i. Deacon Jim DeShane will become our interim Director of Liturgy for the next seven months. He will be asked to give ten hours per week in addition to his regular duties as our Director of Pastoral Care.

ii. Mary Kay Hird, one of our office’s administrative assistants, will be asked to restructure her job duties to focus solely on Pastoral Care and Worship for the next seven months. She will give an additional ten hours per week to these two areas.

iii. In the meantime the ETF will continue to search for a more permanent solution to this need. A BIG THANKS to Deacon Jim and Mary Kay for stepping forward to help out.

2. While you consider the many giving opportunities this holiday season, please do not forget our parish.

We are still struggling to meet our budget and maintain our current programs. I encourage you to be generous.

3. Our Emergency Assistance Fund (the Dudley Fund) is nearly depleted.

We have people seeking assistance for rent, food, gas, etc., every week. Please consider helping out your neighbors in need.
Advent blessings, Fr. Brian

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