///Catholics like Us are Called: to Care for All of God’s Creation.

Catholics like Us are Called: to Care for All of God’s Creation.

Pope Francis has said “Christians have a duty and a responsibility to care for the Earth.” The Holy Father reflected on the story of Creation from the Book of Genesis, and the Gospel which recounted Jesus’ ministry of preaching and healing. Jesus, he said, is a ‘second creation’ who comes “to re-create that which was ruined by sin.”

“To the ‘first creation’ we should respond with the responsibility that the Lord gives us: ‘The Earth is yours, bring it forward; subdue it; make grow.’ This supports the Catholic Principle of Social Justice: Stewardship of Creation: Catholic tradition insists that we show our respect for the Creator by our stewardship of creation. The goods of the earth are gifts from God, intended for the benefit of all. We humans are not the ultimate owners of these goods, but rather, the temporary stewards. We are entrusted with the responsibility of caring for these gifts and preserving them for future generations.

ACTION: How do You preserve, conserve & contribute to the health of our Natural Environment?

Pope Francis says that there is the responsibility Even for us to make the Earth grow, to make Crea- tion grow, to take care of it and make it grow according to its laws. We are lords of Creation, not masters.” The Jesuit Pope went on to say that caring for creation is not just the concern of environ- mentalists, but of Christians. “It is our response to the ‘first creation’ of God. It is our responsibility!” he exclaimed. “A Christian that does not care for creation, that does not make it grow, is a Christian who doesn’t care about the work of God; that work born from the love of God for us. And this is the first answer to the first creation: to care for Creation, to make it grow.” Consider your use of fuel – for heat, cooling, electricity, electronic devises, your own travel plans requiring lots of fuel – are you conserving? Consider your Consumer Buying Habits – do you pay attention to the packaging of things you buy, & whether they’ll end up in a landfill? Do you by items made from easily renewable resources? Do you consider local products rather than those who need to be transported from great distances, paying attention to the amount of fuel necessary to get these things to us? Sometime the first step is just opening our eyes to how our own habits affect the bigger picture of our environment and its resources.

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