Global Solidarity Sunday

March 13, 2015

Dear Fellow Parishioners:

This weekend we celebrate Global Solidarity Sunday. We recognize that God has bestowed each of us with certain gifts and talents. One person’s gift, when freely given, can release another’s gift which may have been stifled or hidden through poverty, oppression, or lack of education.

The Global Solidarity Sunday Collection is an opportunity for Catholics of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis to help release the gifts and talents of our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout other parts of the world. The collection is distributed equally among four initiatives determined by the United States Catholic Bishops: humanitarian efforts of Catholic Relief Services, the Church in Central and Eastern Europe, the Church in Latin America, and Solidarity Fund for the Church in Africa.

I. Catholic Relief Services Collection
a. Catholic Relief Services (CRS): creates opportunities for U.S. Catholics to live their faith in solidarity with poor people overseas by providing financial assistance and working to remove the root causes of poverty.

b. Catholic Legal Immigrant Network, Inc.: provides legal and support services to Catholic programs representing poor immigrants. It focuses on reunification of families and protection of those fleeing persecution or civil unrest.

c. Migration and Refugee Services: resettles approximately one quarter of the refugees admitted to the U.S. It promotes just public policy for newcomers and migrants and responds to their spiritual needs.

d. Social Development and World Peace: advocates for the poor and vulnerable and for international peace and justice. It enables the Church to respond to global concerns such as religious freedom and debt relief for poor countries.

II. For the Church in Central and Eastern Europe
a. Help sustain our Catholic family in Central Europe which has been a story of vitality and strength, a story of hope. Collection funds support seminaries, social service programs, youth ministry, pastoral centers, church restoration, and the spreading of the Gospel message by uti- lizing mass media throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

III. For the Church in Latin America
a. Families in Latin America and the Caribbean face numerous challenges as they strive to live and share their faith. Without marriage and family life ministries to offer help and support, both in joyful times and in times of stress, families struggle to live their faith daily. Your dio- cese’s donation will fund several ministries, particularly ministries that strengthen marriages and their families. Through projects like these, the Collection for the Church in Latin America empowers the people of Latin America to deepen their faith and share it with the world.

IV. Solidarity Fund for the Church in Africa
a. The Church in Africa is spiritually rich, but desperately poor. It needs our support to meet both its current needs and achieve its enormous potential. This fund helps build pastoral capacity in response to the pastoral needs and the mission of the African Church.

I encourage you to be generous as you are able for this year’s Global Solidarity Sunday Collection. Lenten peace, Fr. Brian

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