///Catholics like Us are Called: to Follow Christ’s Journey of Joyful Sacrifice

Catholics like Us are Called: to Follow Christ’s Journey of Joyful Sacrifice

March 5, 2015

Pope Francis has said… “Listen to him!” “Listen to Jesus. He is the Savior: follow him.” The Holy Father reflected on last week’s Gospel, which recounted the event of the Transfiguration, when Jesus gives Peter, James, and John a glimpse of his glory, to confirm them in the faith and encourage them to follow Him and the path of the Cross. Francis stressed that when we follow Him, we will always find happiness. “The Lord,” he rejoiced, “is able to transform us!”

Catholic Social Teaching Principle – Community & Common Good:

In a culture driven by excessive individualism, our tradition proclaims that the person is not only sacred but also social. Human dignity can only be realized and protected in the context of relationships with the wider society… The obligation to “love our neighbor” has an individual dimension, but it also requires a broader social commitment.

ACTION: Amp up your Joyful Sacrifice through radically loving others

Francis said, “What we must have is an attitude of detachment from worldly things and interior free- dom.” Listening to Christ, in fact, involves taking the logic of his Paschal Mystery,” which, he said, requires us making our lives a gift of love to others, in docile obedience to the will of God.

During this Lent, Prayer helps us to find this “Interior Freedom and God’s will;” Fasting and Alms- giving help us to “detach from worldly things.” All of these help us to look outward toward how we can make our lives a gift of love for others around us – seeing what they might need and how we might give to the point of feeling a twinge of self-sacrifice. When we give food to VEAP’s March FoodShare Month Collection, maybe we can give MORE than the extra’s – maybe an entire grocery bag or cart. Maybe we could look at what Charitable Organizations we have been getting things from in the e-mail, & decide to TRY to actually GIVE to those, and give more than feels comfortable, so that God’s work can continue through them. Listen to Jesus. What is He calling YOU to do?

Catholics like US are CALLED

“Veggies-4-VEAP” Giving Garden is in the “Seeds of Planning” stage! We will meet Monday, March 9
at 7:00 pm to discuss the plan for this year’s garden for VEAP’s Food Shelf. Any new people interested in being part of this Team for coordinating our garden, please join us !

Donate FOOD &/or $$$ to our Food Drive during March – MN FoodShare Month – Our Goal = 1500 lbs. of Food for VEAP

The Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign raises more than half the food distributed annually at 300 food shelves statewide. At the beginning of every year, as the giving spirit of the holidays wanes, food shelves across Minnesota begin to struggle to get enough food to serve the people in need in their communities. Our goal is to raise 115,000 pounds or dollars throughout the month of March. Help us achieve this goal and keep our shelves stocked. Please bring food or $$ to the Food Shelf. A helpful flyer to take with you or envelopes for your convenience can be found on the poster in the foyer or on the VEAP food bins.

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