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Journey Through Holy Week

March 29, 2015

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

The forty days of Lenten preparation have ended. We have begun our annual journey through Holy Week. While Easter is the ultimate goal, we are called to traverse the steps leading to this wondrous celebration. We are called to traverse the entire Paschal Mystery, and not just leap ahead to the resurrection —

1) Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

a. We recall the triumphant entrance of Christ the Lord into Jerusalem. We stand by the roadside
waiving our palm branches proclaiming “Hosanna!” as Jesus passes by.
b. We cringe as the crowd screams “Crucify him!” as Jesus endures his passion. We bow our heads
in deep sadness as Jesus dies on the cross.

2) Holy Thursday

a. We witness Jesus washing the feet of the Apostles. We recommit ourselves to the service of the Church and others.
b. We sit in wonder and thanksgiving at the Last Supper as Jesus presents the Holy Eucharist to us.

3) Good Friday

a. Once again we are shaken to the very depth of our being as Jesus dies on the cross. We join the followers of Jesus in wondering how we can continue. We scatter in despair.

4) Holy Saturday

a. We gather in a darkened church hoping beyond hope…. and lo and behold the Easter light ap-
pears to vanquish the darkness.
b. We recommit ourselves to living our faith.
c. We welcome the newest members of our faith. d. We are fed by the Word and the Holy Eucharist.

5) Easter Sunday

a. Finally, we are able to proclaim “Alleluia!” as we revel in the resurrection of our Lord and Sav-
b. We go forth to spread the Good News to the entire world. The fifty-day Easter party has begun.
Yes, this week is the pinnacle of the entire liturgical year. I encourage everyone to celebrate the entire Paschal Mystery.

One reminder — there are two important offertory collections this week. On Holy Thursday we support our parish’s Emergency Assistance Fund (EAF). On Good Friday we support the various shrines and churches in the Holy Land. I encourage everyone to be generous — FYI, I do know that our EAF is currently depleted, while the requests from our local community continue to pour in — thank you for caring for our neighbors in need.

Happy Holy Week! Fr. Brian

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