///St. Eds Plans Building Restorations

St. Eds Plans Building Restorations

May 17, 2015

There are two building projects on the drawing table.

We have talked and written about these projects for a good part of the year. Since the projects estimated costs are $200,000, there is a process to be followed. Proxies need to be requested from the Corporate Board. The members of the Corporate Board are: Archbishop Nienstedt, President; Very Reverend Charles Lachowitzer, Vicar General; Fr. Brian, Pastor; and the two trustees. Information was submitted which included: contracts, information regarding the individual projects, proof of discussion and agreement to pursue the projects and how the costs will be covered; we have the money set aside in the bank for Capital Improvements. The Good News is that the proxies have been approved and received. We are now set to proceed. See below for more information:


The replacement of the roof over the Social Hall is part of our long-range plan for the replacement of roofs. This is the last roof in the schedule of six roofs that exist on our building to be replaced. Over the past two years this roof has been patched. The approximate cost of the roof is $95,000.

Replacement of our small chiller and update of the pneumatic control system

We lost our small chiller in 2013 and have been using the larger chiller as the primary means of cooling our church and chapel. This is not cost efficient. When we lost the small chiller, our original guestimate was $518,000 for a total HVAC system replacement. This has changed. We hired an engineer a couple of years ago to help us make recommendations for the replacement of our system. He has made a proposal that will give us considerable savings from the standpoint.

After two years of research, the Buildings and Grounds Committee proposed to replace the old smaller chiller in our HVAC sys- tem with a thermal storage tank system at an approximate cost of $50,000 and the conversion of the old pneumatic control system at a cost of approximately $50,000. Thus, the total cost of these projects is approximately $100,000. Additionally, energy con- sumption will also be reduced due to the current technology of these systems.

These projects will take place this spring and summer. We will update you as we progress with each project.

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