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Supporting Archdiocesan ministries and St. Ed’s Social Justice Commission

May 4, 2015

IMG_4446webDear Fellow Parishioners: Consider these ministries:
1. Parish Outreach — which includes our Venezuelan Mission, Latino Ministry, Indian Minis- try, Deaf Ministry, and the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women;
2. Catholic Education — which includes Elementary Schools, Secondary Schools, Campus Min- istries, and Parish Faith Formation;
3. Catholic Charities — which includes Prenatal Services, Parenting Services, Aging Services, Refugee Support, and Adoption;
4. Clergy Services — which includes St. John Vianney College Seminary, The Saint Paul Semi- nary, Hospital Chaplains, Prison Chaplains, and the Byrne Residence for Retired Priests; and,
5. Marriage, Family and Life — which includes Marriage Preparation, Persons with Disabili- ties, and Respect Life Programs.

These are the various ministries supported by the annual Catholic Service Appeal. Recently I received the following information as to how the Church of St. Edward is responding to this year’s campaign —
Total pledged: Total Collected: Number of Gifts: Total Goal:
Consider these facts:
2015 Results pledged: $30,811 collected: $20,931 # of gifts: 166 Total goal: $82,764
2014 Results pledged: $43,977 collected: $34,607 # of gifts: 256 Total goal: $82,690

1. We are a parish of 1,400+ families with annual budget of over $1.5 million that has a strong tradition of supporting various local and international charities.
2. In 2014 the Catholic Services Appeal Foundation was established. The CSAF is an independent Minnesota nonprofit Corporation and is not part of the Archdiocese.

Tough questions:
1. How does our parish justify this level of support for the above ministries?
2. How does our parish justify supporting the various ministries of our Social Justice Commission
as compared to these Archdiocesan ministries?

Granted, these are tough questions that our parish leaders must consider. This year we have currently given $32,000 from our offertory collection to our SJC ministries/charities (note, this does not include all the special drives/collections); in addition, the Parish Council has been asked to give another $32,000 before the end of the fiscal year. How do we justify these actions?

I encourage everyone to talk with our Parish Council and Social Justice Commission members.
Easter peace, Fr. Brian

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