///St. Eds Give to Social Justice and Charity Outreach

St. Eds Give to Social Justice and Charity Outreach

July 19, 2015
This year, St. Edwards gave a total of $62,000 for St. Ed’s to make a statement about how vital it is to our mission as Church to take care of those most vulnerable in our society. $30,000 was given at the beginning of the year to fund our St. Edward’s Social Justice “In-House” Outreach ministries – those where many St. Ed’s volunteers work specifically for a particular outreach – either here at St. Ed’s or at another site. Examples would be Loaves and Fishes Meal service at Creekside and at St. Stephen’s Church, Catholic Charities’ Lunch Program, our Nicaraguan Sister Parish – especially for sending down the containers of Feed My Starving Children Good, our Dominican Republic Sister Relationship, the Bloomington Nursing Home Volunteers, and usually for Families Moving Forward (but we only used private donations this year.) Then another $32,000 was given at the end of this year, so we could support those local outside agencies that help marginal people in our own community – VEAP, Bridging, and Meals on Wheels. We are so grateful and can be so proud that St. Ed’s makes this commitment to those who are marginalized, as Pope Francis frequently and strongly calls us to remember. There will be a full report coming to you soon along with St. Ed’s year-end report.

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