///We Are Making a Difference!

We Are Making a Difference!

To St. Edward’s Parishioners,
Thank you for your support of VEAP (Volunteers Enlisted to Assist People). Your donation of back-to-school items, $13,000, and 1,500 pounds of food have been put to work right away to help low-income individuals and families put food on the table and remain stable in their housing.

VEAP serves thousands of households every year and the stories of why they come to VEAP are as varied as they are. For many, doing everything “right” simply isn’t enough. Helen had been fully and gainfully employed all her adult life, she was a homeowner, had savings, and had always lived within her means. Then Helen changed jobs and the new employer went bankrupt within six months. Helen’s life was turned upside down and within a year she was in danger of losing her home.

“I was so ashamed to walk through VEAP’s door. I was afraid of what people would think,” reflects Helen. “But once in the door, it was not like that. No one was judging, belittling or talking down to me. I was treated with complete respect.”

Helen was terrified of losing her home not only for herself, but for her sister who lives with her. Both Helen and her sister have a genetic joint disease and her sister is disabled. “Without VEAP, we would both have been on the street.”

One of VEAP’s social workers, Frances, met with Helen on her first visit. It was hard for Helen to open up at first but she quickly saw that Frances was a wealth of information, could help her through her financial crisis, and provide other resources and support.

Now a year later, Helen is doing well. She is ahead on her mortgage payments and has a rainy day cushion. She is an avid follower of VEAP’s Facebook page and when she sees a post that the Birthday Bag program is running low on supplies, Helen and her sister buy cake mix and frosting to donate for this program. Helen also makes a monthly financial contribution to support VEAP programs. “VEAP saved my life, so I do what I can to support the organization. Without VEAP, I would have lost everything.”

Thank you again for your contribution which goes directly to support people like Helen. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of families in our community.

Patty Schulz, VEAP Advancement Director

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