///St. Edward’s Security System

St. Edward’s Security System

One of the capital expenditures planned for this year by the Buildings and Grounds Committee is an upgrade to St. Edward’s security system in order to improve the security of the church while avoiding having to lock more doors during the day. It is important to have the church remain open, but there is a responsibility to also keep the church, and everyone in it, as safe as possible. Many churches have addressed these issues with security cameras combined with door contacts that ring to the office when a door is opened so that the receptionist is able to see someone coming into the building.

The plan at St. Edward’s Church is to install a limited number of video cameras and door contacts so that we may:
Improve awareness of people entering and leaving
Maintain a visual record in case of a problem
Provide deterrence to those who may intend to cause trouble
Improve St. Edward’s security technology to be more aligned with other churches

Security cameras will be placed in the following locations: main entrance lower level, teen entrance lower level, main entrance foyer, office, chapel entrance, and votive lights in chapel.

Any questions about this plan should be directed to David Anderson at 952-835-6842 or any of the Buildings and Grounds Committee members.

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