Keep Speaking Up for Life!

Dear Fellow Parishioners:
This past week we observed the 43rd anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s “Roe v. Wade” decision. This is a time for all pro-life people to remember the millions of “holy innocents” who have been slaughtered in our pro-abortion world. We also pray for the countless women and men who have been traumatized by this decision. Keep praying! Keep educating yourselves! Keep speaking up for life! For example, here are a few facts that come from Mary Ann Kuharski, Director of ProLife Across America:

Did you know?
18 days: A baby’s heart begins to beat
43 days: Brain coordinates movements
8 weeks: All organs are functioning
9 weeks: Has permanent, individual fingerprints
10 weeks: Sense of touch (comfort/pain)
12 weeks: A baby can smile, suck his/her thumb, and make a fist
Adoption: Over 2 million couples wait to adopt—and that includes children of all races and those with special needs

Any textbook will confirm what every doctor knows: LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION.

Yes, as Catholics we are called to be pro-life. Also, did you know that we are called to be pro-choice; that is, we are called to protect the rights of all human life from the “womb to the tomb.” I pray that we all take the time and make the effort to stand up for this basic human right. Some day at our particular judgement we will be asked how we cared for and protected the vulnerable of our world. What will say? How will we justify our actions? Our inactions? Our positions? I implore each of us to find a way to make a difference.

For example, Mary Ann Kuharski recently shared the following story: University of Minnesota Involved in Buying Baby Body Parts for Research
When the series of undercover videos were released this summer that exposed the sale of aborted baby body parts, Minnesota abortionists denied any such practice was happening in the state. However, the ninth undercover video released in September revealed that abortion clinics in Minnesota have been providing baby body parts, and, since then, it has found that the University of Minnesota is one of the recipients.

The University of Minnesota said it conducts research using baby body parts obtained from a national fetal tissue procurement company, but State Representative Marion O’Neill recently published letters confirming that U of M researchers received baby body parts directly from Meadowbrook Women’s Clinic in Minneapolis (now called Whole Women’s Health Clinic). This is in direct violation of the Minnesota fetal disposal law because U of M records show they placed orders for baby body organs up to 24 weeks old, but aborted babies over 13 weeks old must be buried or cremated. (Source: Alpha News,

How did you respond to this story? As unpleasant as it is, we cannot ignore such travesties. People and organizations must be held accountable. How are you/we speaking up for life?

New Year’s blessings,
Fr. Brian

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